Who Needs Ice in Winter?

It is cold outside. It is cold inside. It’s just no fun being cold and cooped up in your home. Isn’t it much better to go out to a place that has loads of heating and a warm atmosphere? It’s great to get out a bit and hang out with some friends. Certainly, when you go to a bar or restaurant you enjoy your favourite drink. And most drinks need ice.

Whether it is winter or summer, the way a drink is made remains the same. The recipe doesn’t change simply because the weather changes, and your preference on how the drink is made doesn’t change because it is cold. Consequently, bars and restaurants need to cater for ice throughout the year.

During winter months bar and restaurant owners need to ensure that they have sufficient ice on hand. The best way to cater for this demand is by investing in a good ice machine that makes ice when required. Basically this catering equipment should be able to make a set amount of ice when you need it and also be able to store it for a few hours. You should be able to control the amount of ice being made and have enough available for the drinks orders. If you happen to have a busier night than usual, the ice maker must be able to make ice very quickly, within minutes if possible. The last thing you want is for a customer to wait for their drinks. After all, drinks are the quickest thing to prepare and no customer wants to wait for you to get ice.

Not every bar has the same demands. A small bar or restaurant will not benefit from having a big ice machine, for example. Therefore you will need to assess the size of your establishment with the number of customers that visit you on average. Then you will be able to calculate the number of drinks that are ordered on an average night. When you have this information, you can assess how much ice you use which will give you the insight as to what size ice machine you need to procure.

Bars and restaurants do need ice in winter. This is to guarantee that they meet the demand of their customers who love to have their drinks on the rocks. No matter what the weather may be, having a night out with friends is always enjoyed.